fire of the setting sun

let the fire of the setting sun burn away your worrisome thoughts. let the colours of the warring sky engrave themselves upon the veins of your body.

let the courage of your mind and the ferocity of your heart illuminate your soul from within so that when they dare to look to you in the eye and spew hatred from their mouths, they’ll be blinded by the sun you reflect within the pupils of your eyes, the sun that rises with every inhale of your lungs, every lightbulb of your brain, every tug of your heartstrings and they’ll be fixated by the colours dancing upon your skin, simmering within your blood, sparking at the tips of your fingers.

and so when the sun is setting little bird, do not be dismayed. for the only place the sun is willing to settle each evening is within the inferno of your own heart and the flame of your own spirit to keep it welcome company during the long winter nights.


2 thoughts on “fire of the setting sun

  1. i loved this 💘✨ this gave me autumn vibes and made me feel all sorts of things in a really good way, so thank you for the beautifully worded update and reminder ✨ can’t wait to see where your mind takes you next ~

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