February Favourites

So this month has been a busy one for me, not quite the busy that makes you feel like tearing out your hair in stress and fustration, but more the type of busy that makes you feel alive and productive and useful. While I don’t think I have been as productive as I hoped I would be, I’m slowly learning to accept that as long as there is progress in the right direction, then you’re doing okay. It’s when there’s no progress that we should have cause for worry.

To celebrate this progress, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite aspirational people, videos, organisations and articles. Notice that I mentioned ‘aspiration’ instead of ‘inspiration’ and I think it’s important to distinguish between these two.

Where inspiration is defined as “the process of being mentally stimulated to feel something, especially to do something creative.“, aspiration is defined as “a hope or ambition of achieving something.” You may be thinking that these are basically one and the same, but for me, I’ve seen and exprienced all too often where we wait to get inspired and we rely on an external factor in motivating us within our own life, and most of the time, the inspiration fades and we patiently wait for the next hit without ever stopping to cultivate that inspiration within ourselves internally – which is what I belive aspiration is. That does not neccessarily mean that it doesn’t come from external sources, but rather that it’s the next step of inspiration, where we cultivate what we feel into an active space where sustainable and relevant action occurs towards achieving your priorities and goals. Everything I mention below, has in some way or another fed into this productive space of action rather than just relying on feeling.

If you check any of these links out, I’ll love to know what you think!

Chase Jarvis

I’ve been following Chase Jarvis for the past few months and everything I read, listen and watch has been absoloutly gold, but his recent Chase Jarvis RAW Talks this month have really taken it another level and I’ve gone back and re-watched these more times than I can count. They’re all under 10mins, with most being roundabout 5mins so there’s no excuse not to check these out.

the OTHER 50% no one talks about | Chase Jarvis RAW

HOW to do the OTHER 50% | Chase Jarvis RAW

I DON’T HAVE TIME | Chase Jarvis RAW

How Introverts Become Great At Promoting Their Work | Chase Jarvis RAW

There’s No One Path | Chase Jarvis RAW – This one is so powerful. If you only watch one video, make this it -(although it is so much more powerful after the watching the previous ones)

The Leadership Lounge by The Play Studio 

Inspired by Chase Jarvis’s 30 days of Genius Series, this is a local Muslim take on finding local members of our community who have achieved amazing things and interviewing them for valuable advice and gems. A diverse range of people but one common thread was that there was no shortcuts to success. While I had the fortune of attending on filming day, the videos are yet to be released but I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated!

Peter Mckinnon 

This Canadian photographer and filmaker has been absoloutely killing it on Youtube lately. I started following him about a month ago when he had less than 50,000 subscribers and he now has over 200,000 – if that’s doesn’t portray the quality of his content, I’m not sure what will. With a super straightforward and honest approach, quality content and real talk, every single one of this videos are worth binge watching because they will teach you so much. He’s legit goals and my words don’t give him nowhere near enough  justice and I know I must sound like such a fangirl right now, but I guarantee you’ll feel the same once you start watching his videos. (Let me know once you do and we can fangirl together ok kl thx)

Muslim Women Connect

Officially launched at the end of Jan, this organisation has been growing massively this past month and have some super exciting things planned. From their Mentor program, to their schools and leadership workshops, you will no doubt be seeing much of this amazing initative. Check out their Instagram and their free up-coming event with MEND; Against All Odds.

Karen Rosalie

With her refreshing style and honesty, it’s an absolute treat and honour being able to see glimpses of her life as a freelance photographer in LA with her achievments and her struggles. Her work is beautiful in its honest portrayal of feminity and strength and oh my, the way she captures light is stunning. She’s super interactive with her followers and she freely shares her knowledge and answers on her blog from which I’ve learnt so much.

The Shaded Narrative Steven Onoja 

This is where the featured image comes into play. I’ve saved the best till last. I have not been able to get over this since I first read it a couple of weeks ago. This is photography aspirations for me. Everything about it, it’s flawless rendering of meaning and emotion into visuals, and the subsequent translation of visual art into the words and commentary and the intrinsic way they are all inseparable from each other. I urge you to look at this and absorb it and memorise it and allow it to change you. If you take only one thing away from this blog post, make sure it’s this. It will hit you where it matters, right in your heart.


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